Accessibility Statement

Multiannual scheme and annual action plan

Société Générale is committed to making its websites and applications accessible, in accordance with the article 47 of the Act No 2005-102 of the 11 February 2005.
For this purpose, we will carry out the strategy and actions listed in Multi-year accessibility plan and the Annual accessibility improvement plan.
This accessibility statement applies to

Compliance status is partially compliant with the RGAA 4.0 standards.

Accessibility tests

The compliance audit carried out by Shashwati reveals that: 

  • 59.65% of RGAA criteria are met.   This is the number of criteria fully met on all pages of the sample. 
  • The average compliance rate for the online service is 83.4%.  This is the average of the compliance score obtained on each page of the sample. 

Non-accessible content

Non conformities

We list below all the non-conforming criteria. For details, refer to the audit grid and multi-year plan for continuous improvement. 

Criterion 1.1: Does each information-carrying image have a textual alternative?

Criterion 3.1: In each web page, the information should not be given only by color. Is this rule respected?

Criterion 3.2: In each web page, is the contrast between the color of the text and the color of its background high enough (except in special cases)?

Criterion 4.1: Does each pre-recorded temporal media have, if necessary, a textual transcription or an audio description (except for special cases)?

Criterion 4.3: Does each pre-recorded synchronized temporal media have, if necessary, synchronized subtitles (except for special cases)?

Criterion 4.5: Does each pre-recorded temporal media have, if necessary, a synchronized audio description (except for special cases)?

Criterion 4.11: Is the consultation of each temporal media, if necessary, controllable by the keyboard and any pointing device?

Criterion 5.1: Does each complex data table have a summary?

Criterion 6.1: Is each link explicit (except in special cases)?

Criterion 7.1: Is each script, if necessary, compatible with assistive technologies?

Criterion 7.3: Is each script controllable by the keyboard or by any pointing device (except for special cases)?

Criterion 8.2: For each web page, is the generated source code valid according to the type of document specified (except in special cases)?

Criterion 8.6: For each web page having a page title, is this title relevant?

Criterion 9.1: In each web page, is the information structured by the appropriate use of titles?

Criterion 9.2: In each web page, is the structure of the document consistent (except in special

Criterion 10.3: In each web page, does the information remain understandable when style sheets are disabled?

Criterion 10.4: On each web page, does the text remain readable when the character size is increased to at least 200% (except in special cases)?

Criterion 10.5: In each web page, are the CSS declarations of element background and font colors correctly used?

Criterion 10.9: In each web page, the information should not be given only by shape, size, or position. Is this rule respected?

Criterion 10.13: In each web page, are the additional contents appearing when focusing or hovering over an interface component controllable by the user (except in special cases)?

Criterion 10.14: In each web page, can the additional content appearing only via the CSS styles be made visible by the keyboard or by any pointing device?

Criterion 11.8: In each form, are the items of same nature of a list of choices grouped relevantly?

Criterion 12.2: In each set of pages, are the menu navigation bars always at the same place (except for special cases)?

Derogations for disproportionate burden

All the downloadable documents available in the application.

Not subject to the accessibility requirement

No content on the site was exempted from the accessibility requirement

Body making the statement

 This statement was issued on 30th November 2022. 

Technologies used for site development

The following technologies are used on the website: 

  • HTML 5 
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
User agents and assistive technologies used to check content accessibility

Web page testing was performed with the following combinations of web browsers and screen readers: 

User agent 

  • Edge 104.0.1293.81 

Assistive technology 

  • NVDA 2018.3.2
Tools used

The following tools were used in the evaluation: 

Pages of the site for which the verification of compliance was carried out

Home Page
Legal Information
Cookie policy
Accessibility : non compliant

Feedback and contact information

Please help us to improve content accessibility by using this contact address to let us know of any problems you may experience or to request access to inaccessible information or documents. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enforcement procedure

This procedure shall be used in the following case.
You have notified the accessibility referent an accessibility defect that prevents you from accessing any of the content or services of Wholesale Banking and you have not been given a satisfying answer.