Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, all the answers to your questions about Global Markets Incubator. If you can't find an answer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

General Overview

Global Markets Incubator aims to partner with startups whose solutions match the scope of our Global Banking and Investor Solutions’ ESG product offering, as well as that of Societe Generale Group’s CSR activities. 

Global Banking & Investor Solutions provides leading banking services around the world to clients ranging from large corporations to small, medium and mid-tier businesses, financial institutions, public sectors, investors, wealth managers, family offices, and private clients.

For more information, please visit our group websites:
- Wholesale Sustainable and Positive Impact Solutions
- The CSR ambition of Societe Generale group

In any case, reaching out is the way to go. We are available to answer your questions and discuss your application before you submit it. 

Global Markets Incubator opens the doors of Societe Generale and adopts a pioneering approach in incubation. The selected startups will enjoy the support and expertise of professionals from Societe Generale in the development and validation of their solution.

The selected startups will partner with some of the best experts in their industry who will help them build or scale their business. In addition, they will benefit from a privileged relationship with Societe Generale and gain access to its global network and resources to help them grow faster.

Selection process

We target startups whose solutions have the potential to bring innovation to our Sustainable Finance Solutions product suite, the way we manage ESG risks or that can credibly and tangibly support our CSR commitments and initiatives.

Our typical but not exhaustive areas of focus include: ESG data, ESG assessment/scoring, ESG investment flows, ESG risk management, ESG insights, ESG scenario modelling, ESG reporting, carbon removal and offset, carbon market, carbon accounting, social impact, etc.

Businesses involved include research (equity, fixed income, macro, quant), trading, product engineering, sales, structured financing, sustainable finance, investment banking, and private banking.
All applicants need to have an established company to join the program.

Absolutely! As long as a mutual fit is found, there is a way for collaboration.

Please do. Some of the selected startups might require greater funding at some point throughout their journey.

We run an application process on a regular basis, with specific focuses for each new application phase. The two first promotions were rather large in terms of both geographies and themes covered. The third promotion was dedicated to our activities in Asia and the last cohort was dedicated to startups developing solutions allowing to increase business efficiency and productivity.

Each application is assessed via a range of criteria, the following being of primary importance: quality of the team, strong support and commitment from internal Societe Generale sponsors to support the startup throughout the program, and mutual value add.

The sooner you contact us and we get to know each other, the better we will be in a position to assess your application and build the best sponsor team.

Incubation program

The program has an initial duration of 6 months. We will review the options together at the end of this period.

You will not receive compensation for your participation to the program. The value lies in the expertise provided, the support to address a market need and the possibility to engage with Societe Generale in a commercial relationship and as a partner. At any point in time during the program, if ever you feel the return on investment does not match your expectations, you are free to leave the program.

The general principles are that respective legal commitments are limited and balanced, the standard terms do not include provisions which would alter any direction the selected startups would like to take. In very specific cases, we might slightly deviate from the standard terms and agree on bespoke conditions, in the best interest of both parties.