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Global Markets Incubator

A unique vertical incubation platform fully dedicated to financial market activities

Societe Generale
is committed to

By combining our cutting-edge markets expertise with disruptive fintech approaches, we will enhance our services and continue to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions.

What is the Global Markets Incubator?

With this launch, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking adopts a pioneering approach in incubation for start-ups specialising in market activities, while strengthening its support of the Fintech ecosystem. The selected Fintech will benefit from SG CIB's recognised market expertise, as well as the backing of the Le Swave incubator based in La Dêfense, Paris.

SG CIB is inviting applications from market-dedicated Fintechs to be part of "Global Markets Incubator by Societe Generale". The incubator will be looking to co-build high-performance offerings, and will be aiming to work with the most innovative Fintechs that add value to services for clients.

  • Why Join?
  • Who is Eligible?
  • Where is the incubator based?

Innovation requires ideas, but above all focus, access to data, experts, and the ability to deliver. By joining us, early-stage entrepreneurs can benefit from the required ecosystem and resources to turn their start-up into a valuable business proposition:

  • Dedicated teams of experts and resources
    • Management support
    • Business front to back experts: sales, traders, financial engineers
    • Ecosystem connectivity
    • Distribution channels
    • Data scientists and anonymized data
  • Dedicated hub within Societe Generale Global Market's premises to work our sponsoring teams

"Further to our commitment to innovation, we are delighted to announce our newly-established partnership with six fintech companies, a unique alliance which reiterates the agile nature of our Global Markets Division. By partnering with fintechs poised on the cutting-edge of technology, we will continue to disrupt and rewrite the status quo."

Albert Loo

Deputy Head of Sales, Global Markets

Societe Generale

You are eligible if you are a start-up dedicated to market activities. whether it be Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities or Prime Brokerage - and are focused on production, productivity or client connectivity themes, anywhere in the pre-to post-trade chain.

Examples of areas of interests include: risk management, trading connectivity & infrastructure, distribution and front office productivity enhancement, artificial intelligence, alternative data, predictive analytics and much more!

  • Young and innovative companies founded less than 5 years ago
  • Businesses that are in line with the themes covered by the call for proposal
  • Companies that are in their development phase or have a first product distributed

Located in the very heart of La Défense's business district, the Swave is 5 minutes away from Societe Generale's premises.

Start-ups will benefit from the Swave's 2,500 m² of modern office space, as well as The Swave's team of specialists dedicated to start-up needs.

Basalte is the largest trading floor in continental Europe. The area spreads across 5 trading floors, exceeds 43,000 square meters, and accommodates 3,000 workspaces

How to Apply

The following criteria will be assessed for every case:

The innovation brought by the project/product /service & the business development potential

The business canva's credibility & soundness

The match between the project & our corporate strategic goals

The quality of the team & its complimentarily in business


Submit your application

By 16/11/2018

Fill-in the application form and include a description of your business plan


Pre-selection phase

From 16/11/2018

Your application will be reviewed by Societe Generale. Initial feedback to be provided within four weeks.


selection committee


Present your project to a selection committee composed of global markets experts - from both Societe Generale and the ecosystem.



Starting January 2019

If your project is selected, you will be on-boarded as fast as possible.

About us

About Societe Generale & Le Swave

A top-tier European Institution with global reach

Societe Generale is one of the largest European financial service groups. Based on a diversified universal banking model, the Group strives to combine financial solidity with a strategy of sustainable growth. Societe Generale's teams offer services to individual, corporate and institutional customers in three core businesses: Retail Banking in France, International Retail Banking, and Global Banking and Investor Solutions.

Global Markets

Within Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, Global Markets is a fully integrated multi-asset class, multi-product platform focusing on delivering high quality investment and risk management solutions to asset managers, pension funds, private banks, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, family offices, sovereign funds and retail network distributors around the world.

Find out more about our expertise

The first multicorporate innovation platform dedicated to Fintech that integrates the entire value chain of the financial sector.

Located in La Grande Arche, Le Swave represents the most iconic building of La Dîfense's business district, 10 minutes away from downtown Paris.

Le Swave follows the governments initiative to foster investments in fintech's and is committed to leveraging on innovation and change to turn them into business opportunities for the financial sector today and beyond.

Societe Generale is the first founding member and the only large bank to partner Le Swave

View Le Swave's website

Selection Committee

Incubator Management

Antoine Connault

Head of Global Markets Incubator

Albert Loo

Deputy Head of Sales, Global Markets

Philippe Dufay

Head of Technology, Processes and Projects

Global Markets Exco Members

Jean-François Gregoire

Head of Global Markets

Christophe Lattuada

Head of Prime Services

Alexandre Fleury

Head of Equities and Equity Derivatives

Bruno Benoit

Head of Fixed Income and Currencies

Jonathan Whitehead

Head of Commodities

Brigitte Richard-Hidden

Head of Cross Asset Research

Arie Boleslawski

Head of Trading

Sylvain Cartier

Head of Global Markets Americas

Yann Garnier

Head of Global Markets Sales

Jerome Niddam

Head of Global Markets Asia

Marc Saffon

Head of Financial Engineering and Chief Operating Officer

Flavie Belard

Global Markets Chief of Staff

Societe Generale Group Members

Laure Lemaingen

Head of Strategy and Corporate Development

Alain Fischer

Chief Digital Officer

Cecile Bartenieff

Chief Operating Officer

Jean-Malo Dupart

Investment Director, Group Strategy

Claire Calmejane

Group Chief Innovation Officer

External Members

Edouard Plus

Managing Director, Head of LE SWAVE Paris&Co

Lior Derhy

Managing Partner, New Alpha Asset Management

Frequently asked questions


  • Global Markets - what is in scope?

    With a worldwide presence, Societe Generale Global Markets' activities encompasses Research, Investment & Risk Management, Execution and Prime Services solutions across asset classes, delivered to asset managers, pension funds, private banks, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, family offices, sovereign funds, retail network distributors and corporations around the world.

  • Why a specific incubator for Global Markets?

    Global markets answer to the specific needs of sophisticated clients and face unique challenges. We believe the most efficient way to detect and partner with the best fintechs is to have a focused approach.

  • What makes Societe Generale Global Markets Incubator unique?

    Societe Generale Global Markets Incubator adopts a pioneering approach in incubation for market activities. The selected startups will enjoy the support and expertise of professionals from Societe Generale Global market activities and Le Swave in the development of their business idea.

    They will partner with mentors who are experts in their industry and want to help you to build a successful business. They will also be granted access to the largest trading floor in Continental Europe: Basalte, the dedicated building for Societe Generale's market activities in Paris. In addition, they will benefit from a privileged relationship with the Bank's markets businesses, its global network and resources to help them scale to new markets faster.

Selection process

  • What kind of company can apply?

    We target early-stage startups with at least a thoroughly canvassed business idea. We are looking at those who challenge our industry or those complementary to it. They should either:

    - be exploring cutting-edge technologies which would aim at augmenting sales, removing internal inefficiencies or improving client or internal connectivity, or

    - having a product which would benefit from the strike force of Societe Generale. Societe Generale would then position itself to be its first real institutional "market" to test, develop, and adapt its product as a first real "POC".

    Our areas of focus include: Predictive Analytics, Backtesting, Descriptive Analytics, Actionable Data, Sales Productivity, Trading Platform, Market infrastructure, Scarce Resources Management, Payment & FX for SMEs, Market liquidity, Research, Bespoke documents production, Trading connectivity, Alternative Data, Distribution Channel, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Voice User Interface, Tech for impact...

  • My startup is already in a much earlier/later stage. Are you still interested?

    Absolutely! As long as professionalism and a mutual fit are shown, cooperation is possible.

  • I'm interested as an investor, can we get in touch?

    Sure you can, some of the selected startups might require greater funding at some point throughout their journey.

  • Does my startup have to be based in France?

    The business idea is the most important criteria, not the location. However, proximity to Paris will allow you to get the maximum benefit from the incubator resources.

  • How are startups selected?

    The applications will be assessed through a range of criteria, the following being of primary importance:

    - Quality of the business canvas,

    - Quality of the team,

    - Best fit with the incubator and Societe Generale value added,

    - Strong support from Societe Generale market experts.

Incubation program

  • How long is the program?

    The initial duration is fixed to 6 months. We will review the options together at the end of this period.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    Participating in the program is entirely free over the 6 month period.

  • What are the terms and conditions?

    There are no standard terms and conditions, they will be discussed on a case by case basis.

  • What is the next window for applications?

    Societe Generale Global Markets Incubator is likely to launch a new call for applications by mid 2019.

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